Nigerian forum: Jokes - GRASS EATERS
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16 May 2015 00:31

A rich man was in his new
limousine when he saw a
eating grass by the
roadside. He ordered his
driver to stop and he got out to
investigate. “Why are you
eating grass ?”
he asked the man. “I don’t
have any money for
food,” the poor man replied. “Oh, please come
to my house!” “But sir, I
have a wife and four
children…” “Bring them
along!” Akpors said.
They all climbed into the limousine. As they were
the poor fellow said : “Sir,
you are too kind. Thank
you for taking all of us in.”
The rich man replied, “No, you
don’t understand. The
grass at
my house is over five feet
tall it
will be enough for all of your family members."Describe the rich man in a word".

22 May 2015 00:12


22 May 2015 02:01

Man of the year

25 Jun 2015 22:52

Gud samaritan

27 Jun 2015 14:31


5 Jul 2015 18:30

He is a foolish rich man who will latter bcome poor

28 Aug 2015 19:03

good man