Nigerian forum: Jokes - WHO IS THE REAL FOOL HERE?
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16 May 2015 00:27

(1) A man who goes to the the
bank with a spanner to
open a
bank account. (2) A guy
who removes his shoes
to enter a taxi (3) A lady who went to bed with
a ruler just to know how
long he
has slept (4) An husband
who watches
news on tv and waves at a news
reader (5) A nurse who
wakes up a
sleeping patient simply
he forgot to give him sleeping
pills (6) A bank manager
who lowers
his tv volume because he
to read a text message (7) A man who sprays him self
baygon to chase away
mosquitoes (8) A guy who
polishes his shoes
to take a passport size
photo (9) A yahoo boy who refuses to
install application bcos he
it will make the laptop heavier.

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14 Aug 2015 09:16

All expect 6