Nigerian forum: Jokes - Marital woes
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16 May 2015 00:08

A sick woman was lying on her
sick bed with her husband
her side, she turns to the
husband and said WIFE :
Honey, I have a confession to make... HUSBAND : Save
your strength
my dear! WIFE : [Cuts in]
Nooo, I want to
say it so that when I die
my spirit will be at rest. I have
stealing your money and
giving it
to my boyfriend, You're not
the father of our son Junior, I
was the one who stole your
wrist watch and hide it in
sister's bag so that you'll drive
her away.. Please forgive
me HUSBAND : I know all
this, that's
why I poisoned you. Keep
calm Let the poison work..

22 May 2015 02:20

Hahahaha dats good oo

9 Jul 2015 20:10

Lol vry funny

18 Jul 2015 10:28


28 Aug 2015 18:55

very funny

30 Aug 2015 16:40

Good match

30 Aug 2015 16:45

Look funny

21 Sep 2015 23:49