Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - Is it good 2 go extra mail becurse of our girl
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14 May 2015 21:16

Is it Good 2 provide, everythng 4 anylady dat we av nt marry

15 May 2015 12:58

it's *MILE* not mail. it got me confused initially

15 May 2015 13:38

If u love her

15 May 2015 13:54

sorry ooo it mile or mail...madam

15 May 2015 14:00

If u both love each other

15 May 2015 16:36

Gelz of nwadeyz dnt dserv dat xtra miles jare..

15 May 2015 16:54

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15 May 2015 21:17

Yes is good if she worth going extre mile 4

15 May 2015 22:36


15 May 2015 23:11

4 watin naa i don big past person way go foll mugu oo

16 May 2015 00:36


16 May 2015 00:38


16 May 2015 00:41

Y hmmmm,cnt u do it?

16 May 2015 00:45

It real.....if u 2ruly luv her

16 May 2015 00:47

It real....if u 2ruly luv her.

16 May 2015 00:51

Cn u do dat

16 May 2015 01:11

Its a waste... Luv sucks... Relationship sucks... Jst friends is ok.

16 May 2015 04:04

U can go xtra miles bt dats only if u've got a ride.Lol!
CAUTION: Don't try walk or jog.

Edited by Tiami / 16 May 2015 04:09
16 May 2015 16:50

Nt in al case.

16 May 2015 19:52

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