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14 May 2015 18:09

Is there true love online? I have been on this site for the past 3 years but I discovered that ladies here under the pretence of dating swindle guys money and recharge cards especially when you get close to them and want to see them... They will ask for t fare and not show up... Is it logical to conclude that true love can't be found online?

14 May 2015 21:13

Dere iz bt na recharge card gels dey online...

14 May 2015 21:47

Not all ladies,

14 May 2015 22:17

it will take a time to give a truse...

14 May 2015 23:00

There is true luv here

14 May 2015 23:08


14 May 2015 23:40

I never think u guys know what the call true love,and if u wanna get that,do u think its so easy to get that online,I just have to advice my co guys in here to zero their mind on that cos most ladies in here aren't for a long time or a real relationship,just be wise,cos na send me card ladies plenty pass for here.

14 May 2015 23:50

Its true but not everyone,any female that ask u such a thing stop chatting with that person

15 May 2015 00:10

We Av Diff Ladys Lik Wse Diff Guys.Som Stupid Guys Wil Took D Advantange Of Such A Lady.I Heard Of One Accident Dat Ds Gal Met Dat Guy Onlin Nd He Propose To Her Nd Dey Plan To C Each Of Unfortunaly Ds Guy Setup For Dis Lady With Three Of Hs Fwend Nd Raped Her,ladys Plac If U Know Dat U Cant Date Dis Person Let Him Go Dnt Demand For Anytin Leav Dem For God,he Wil Surely Judge

15 May 2015 00:18

Its too bad nw,raped is not a good idea,I will love the law of this country to put anybody that raped in 50yrs prison or for life

15 May 2015 00:21


15 May 2015 00:35

U guys ar sayin some guys here are criminal

15 May 2015 00:39

it can t happen,yea i found my onlìne

15 May 2015 00:42

Ladies,and online love are just to some extent a pastime.This is because I met a girl online who depicted a bad image that for the rest of her life she'dnt give a dime worth to all men as trust again.I pity her then inbox message to her asking for what and why she took such stand.As expected,she told me somebody didnt give her what she asked him.I went on to know what is she up to after that,she told me in just three days will pay her school fees if I can help her why hesitate for now?I was carried away by such fastly online request from a person whom I met only yesterday and parripasu making such demand on me?It is true there are such sucker girls but there are honest girls out to not ask favours but can offer you the best love which materialise into real and solidified genuine affair.The watchdog is to give it time not sponteinity in the bricklaying the foundations!

15 May 2015 00:42

Yes U Can Get True Love Online

15 May 2015 00:54

Recharge card should be a gift not demand less we sale our reputation pls ladies.

15 May 2015 00:55

Every woman knws wht is true love but few people knw how to stay with a person forever huh

15 May 2015 04:09


15 May 2015 07:00

sutup guys i don land.$

15 May 2015 09:05
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