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14 May 2015 11:50

If a man loves you from the deepest part of his heart, he will be with you at every stage of your life. You don’t have to make any extra efforts to make a place in his life because he will make that special place for you. He will give you all the time and attention you deserve. Period! No drama, No lame excuses and No convincing texts....
—Do you agree?

14 May 2015 15:57
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14 May 2015 17:41

Yea bru, ah support ur view, wen a man luvs U, then he tends to do tinz nt to hurt U, so therefore, wen a man luvs a woman, he pleases d lady n dat in-turn makes him always want her to b hapi.

14 May 2015 17:44
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14 May 2015 18:01

Dat type of man no exist again ooo

14 May 2015 20:39

Plz Is It Possible To Luv Two Ladies Equally?

14 May 2015 20:55

@abbiez,its a capital isnt possible

14 May 2015 21:11

Capital No

14 May 2015 21:15

Waitn dey gel go do?dis1 wey d guy don lov finish...abeg na wash joor.

14 May 2015 21:22

Its under probability cox some guy could b doing al d above mentioned but al r pretends cox inside of him dt word love doesn't exist. N d gal wil b in a day dreaming finking she has found love nt knowing dt its wasn't ment 2 b.

14 May 2015 21:23


14 May 2015 21:36

cant stop laffin @ som comments n ladies such a guy exists cos i'm a living proof

14 May 2015 22:02


14 May 2015 23:10

Are u sure at Dammypc

14 May 2015 23:13

I respect all ur view.....more

14 May 2015 23:17

Anyway 4 me i know such guy still exist....jus dat d population cant be compared to that of the other phase. Smiles

14 May 2015 23:48

Yes I agree with this

14 May 2015 23:59


15 May 2015 02:03


15 May 2015 09:04

Is nt all d men dat luv girl dey are just pretending so i cnt trust guy as for me oooooooooooooooooooooooooo