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13 May 2015 13:18

INTRODUCTION: While Psalms 1 compares and contrasts saints and sinners and specified God's conditions for obtaining blessings. Psalms 15 deals mainly with the conditions for obtaining blessings and gaining access to God. So many questions comes to ones mind as we meditate on Psalm 15. One of them is: Can God, who fills the heaven, be localized or resricted to a particular spot at any given time? What do you think? Deut. 12:11 should give you an insight. 1. How can I gain access into God's presence? Through whom can I book an appointment? Ps. 24:3-4, Isa. 26:2, John 10:9, Rom. 5:1-2, Ephesians 3:11-12. Access is limited to the holy and the truthful. Appointments can be booked only through Jesus Christ. 2. If I am not satisfied wih merely gaining access to Him, how can I get real close to Him?
Ps.34:18, Ps. 145:18, Acts. 17:27, James 4:8, Hebrews 10:22.
The conditions for nearness to God are: (1) A repentant and humble heart, (ii)
Calling on God in truth, (iii) Seeking Him earnestly, (iv) Sanctification and (v) A clean conscience.
3. How can I have a good conscience?
4. What benefits are there in being near to God?
Exodus 33:14, Deut. 20:1, Isa. 43:2, Ps. 23:4.
Some of the benefits are: (i) Mind, (ii) Courage in life's battles, (iii) Security in times of peril, and (iv) Fearlessness even in the face of death.
5. If God has a sacred place in my home or heart, What do I gain?
Joshua 18:1, 2Cor. 6:17-18.
6. But is it desirable to move close to Holy God? Isaiah 6:1-5.
How can I be near without being uncomfortable? Isaiah 6-8. God's perfect holiness will reveal my extreme rotterness, if I move near Him, but if I am cleansed and covered in the Blood of His Son, I can be ear to Him as I wish.
Conclusion: Do you wish to be near God?
Are you clean enough to gain access to His Holy presence?
Or would you rather stay away from Him?
How about talking to Him now?

13 May 2015 16:20

YES... There iS Assurance that I ave gain is Holy presence... By the of God I am clean enough to fellowship with Him.... Christ in Me HOPE of Glory

13 May 2015 17:46

very insightful,inspirational and motivating even captivates someone in moving closer to almighty JEHOVAH.

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13 May 2015 21:22

Nice one...Glory to God

13 May 2015 22:59
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14 May 2015 03:45

dis is a direct msg 4rm d throne 2 a heart dt is yearning 4r GOD .tanx.96 one,i luv it.

16 May 2015 11:37

This is a message for us all to reflect on.