Nigerian forum: Culture - ! Most NIGERIAN in EUROPE are been deported everyday ....
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11 May 2015 03:27

good morning too all nigerian forum user ..

has a mobofree user

Just wanna share some point too most nigerians out thier

Has a spainish and mobofree imc adviser , it my duty too share what good too people who need it , it was annouce thousand of nigerians where deported mostly from my own country spain ( madrid ),,

It was recorded that nigerian imigrate crime rate has increase too 20% too 40% percent .....

This crime comes !
Sexually harrassment
Prostitution on street
Drugs deals

This crime increase alot and our european union ( ue ) Re not soooo happy ,

Deportation of nigerian has increase alot and many ( alot ) nigerians are spending years in prisons , that a bad news for them.....

If anyone of u has a family or close friends in ( ue ) ibwhich u belive he or she doesnt work or has a job in spain or italy ( european nations )

Kindly advice them too stop

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12 May 2015 11:12

Bcoz somes black pipl engage in bd activities in Europe ...