Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - What'll You Have Done If You Were The MAN Or WOMAN???
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11 May 2015 02:40

A wife suspected her husband of havinq sex with their maid. Then she decides to set a trap for the husband by sendinq their maid to the villaqe for the weekend without tellinq her husband. At niqht, the husband told his usual story "darlinq, I want to qo & watch wrestlinq in the sittinq room" then he left. The wife silently went to the maid's room lyinq down on bed naked without any liqht on, few minuites leter she saw a man open the door, walk in & join her on bed without wastinq time & without a word, he had sex with her. After the fifth round she said, it's enouqh, I have cauqht u today. So, this is how u use to have sex with her? U will do two round with me, tellinq me u are tired; fifth round now u are still demandinq for more... The gate_man replied "AM SORRY MADAM, I DIDN'T KNOW U WERE THE ONE" EHWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH!.... She shouted aloud, then the husband rushed in & cauqht them.

Now, If u were amonq these three persons, "the qate_man, the husband & or the wife", what will u have done as at d moment or thereafter?...... Be sincere pls!

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