Nigerian forum: Literature - Bad Influence Of Friendship
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9 May 2015 21:49

Am writing this article because so many people have fallen into this because of the bad influence of friendship which they can no longer make personal decision of their own.
here is a story about a girl,who is so brilliant and good in her studies,she loves following friends that she hardly think about herself that even when it was time for hert to choose her department in senior high sch,she knew in herself that she is suppose to be in art dept because she pass very well in the subject that will take her to art dept,but because her friends choose science dept because of their basic science and maths background is very good in which she is of average. Her friends convince her and told her that art department her for dullards that she should join their boat ,she don't want to be ridicule by her friends and just decided to follow them to science department,right from SS1 till when she got to SS3 her friends have been the one teaching her during exam and test,xo when it was time for them to enter into the university she could not......why;because her friends have leave her alone and now in their various university while she is still there battling with jamb to cross over ,because she is not good in chemistry,physics and biology...xo she now have to quit to start learning trade because she have written jamb up to 3 times,she couldn't make it.

So my brother's and sister's be carefull with friends and don't let them decieve you,know your left and right and stand to your ground and let God guide you through and surely success will be yours!!!

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