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8 May 2015 12:30

If Our Power Supply Had Been Stabled, And Adequately Managed; Our Children Wont Have Known What A Generator Is Or The Use Of A Generator. What Do U Think, Is The Cos Of Nigerain Inadequacy To Power Supply? And What Are The lasting Solution To Solving Its Problem?

8 May 2015 14:35


8 May 2015 20:10

ask mr president-elect

8 May 2015 21:35
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8 May 2015 21:37

U Are Right Mr. Don, Nice Post.

8 May 2015 21:44
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9 May 2015 02:08

The problem of lack of adequate electricity distribution in Nigeria today was caused by the government itself because the generators importers are paying huge amount of money as taxes to the government.And for them as traders to sell their goods and make profit the steady power supply must be problematic so that they can sell their generators.what the government is doing is like some one who is pouring water into a pale that is leaking and at the same time blaming the pale for not filling up.That person is fooling himself because for ever and ever that pale cannever filled as far it is leaking the water away.The only solution is to ban the importations of generators.secondly Nigeria needs an iron hand because corruption is also in the system. The type of corruption that we have in Nigeria today can only be cured by public execution of some prominent office holders who are found guilty of embezzlement of public fund to serve as deterrent to others.

9 May 2015 12:23

Ok... Everyone is now blaming the government/leaders! Have u thought about what you could do to help out??? Or you are just heaping the blame on someone else to avoid taking part?? The poster asked what can be done and everyone here is already pointin fingers! For me, i will keep payin for the little light they provide, supportin dem in any way nd prayin dat those people who keep on vandalizing our oil pipes will have a rethink! http://mydiaryasagrowinggir

9 May 2015 17:39

With all due respect to the last writer who said that we all keep on blaming the government when the writer of the article is saying what should be done to savage the situation. I am surprised and shocked at his write-up.our elders say that if you are looking for the eyes of a fish you go to its the electricity power generation management not own by the government or by an individual? Since it is owned by the government,it should be held responsible for the system failure. Some years ago some states in Nigeria built some state electrification projects so that they could give their people uninterupted power supply but they were not allowed.these were states such as Rivers,Lagos,Delta among others.we all know that any agency belonging to the government is full of corruption.ln Nigeria the greatest powers belong to the government.lf the government can be bold enough to stand up today and say enough is enough and let heads roll l bet you there will be a steady power supply because it is said that for a country to develop there must be some avoidable destruction of either lives or properties.there are people who are benefiting from the suffering of the cannot profer any solution to anything without the involvement of the owner.when a sensible man has separated a fight he must portion blame to the wrong side that is justice.Any solution profer to the stability of the eratic power supply in Nigeria without telling the government that it has failed to muster its political will is null and void.

9 May 2015 22:12

The children not knowing about a gen set or its use,I'd say is somewhat misleading,cuz even those with stable power knows about generators & how to use em! The sticking point is that those presidents always come up with 7,8,9,10 points agenda,yet without getting through one@the end of the day. How about just fusing into ONE point agenda like this power failure & making sure it is achieved,even if it's only it???! That sounds pretty crazy right? But I believe that'll be the greatest achievement so far by a Nigerian president

10 May 2015 00:54

The main cause of inadequate Power supply is that we started on a wrong Economy Model,that is SOCIALISM,where major sector of the economy are wholly control and the only operator is GOVERNMENT,eg power,education,telecom,,broadcasting,aviation,maritime,Railway etc.the second cause is lack of adequate planning on demand and supply,as the population grows,so be the demand for power grow,finally CORRUPTION from leaders to followers.the solution are (1) Devolution of power from the Exclusive list to Concurrent list (2) CAPITALISM as our model of economy (3)embrace NUCLEAR and ALTERNATIVE power source,God help 9ja

10 May 2015 08:00
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10 May 2015 17:39


10 May 2015 20:21

God will make Nigeria to soon be better by your prayer

11 May 2015 00:18
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11 May 2015 10:30

For what?is it for human or drug trafficking?nothing is free even in freetow

11 May 2015 16:03

The problem is CORRUPTION, we have corrupt leaders in our nation,nothing will improve without tackling the corruption.

11 May 2015 20:07