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8 May 2015 12:18

If Our Power Supply Had Been Stable And Adequately Managed, Our Children Wont Have Known What A Generar Is Or The Use Of A Generator; What Do U Think, Is The Course Of Nigerian Inadequte Power Supply? And What Are The Way Out To Solving It Or Putting An End To Its Problem?

8 May 2015 14:33

It's a serious matter

8 May 2015 15:01

Yes Bro, Its Really A dying Problem In Our Country; And Its Effect Is Affecting The Totality Of The Nigerian People And Its Economy.

8 May 2015 15:25

The problem of Electricity in Nigeria lies in hands of our leaders.

8 May 2015 15:44

U Are Right Bro; The Nigerian Leaders Has Failed Its Subjects In Delivering Gud And Proper Leadership Especialy On The Aspect Of Power Supply; Its Suprising To Know, Smaller African Countries Are Far Better Than We Nigerains, When Its Comes To Gud Power Delivery To Its People.

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8 May 2015 21:38
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8 May 2015 22:25

Problem of eletricity in our dear country still exist coz we av no leader with action,dey all kip talking of vision 2020 wen dey i'l nt b in power

8 May 2015 22:34

its all coz of corruptn nd dey av put politics matter into it,wat i tink we cn do 2 solve d issue z 2 seek 4 God interventn coz with him,<God> evrytin z possible,10x

8 May 2015 22:35

Until generator companies have been banned,forget about power stability in naija. And i wonder which government will have the boldness to do that

9 May 2015 00:46

U see ma brodas $ sistas, I tnk d first tin our Gov. Shld luk inward to is dis refinery issue cos if our refinery work beliv me everytin ll luk mor easier mst especially enogh gas to light d COUNTRY.........

9 May 2015 05:40

The problem of electricity we grapple with as a country stems from bad leadership and lack of political will. Solutions will come until when we learn to put our priorities right. God bless Nigeria!

9 May 2015 11:40

Ok... Everyone is now blaming the government/leaders! Have u thought about what you could do to help out??? Or you are just heaping the blame on someone else to avoid taking part?? The poster asked what can be done and everyone here is already pointin fingers! For me, i will keep payin for the little light they provide, supportin dem in any way nd prayin dat those people who keep on vandalizing our oil pipes will have a rethink!

9 May 2015 11:46

u spoke well

9 May 2015 11:50

Corruption is the cancerous of this electricity problem. If trillion of masses money is put on this project without result, what else? We should pray for change when Buhari swearing in. Nothing more.

9 May 2015 17:36

Nigeria leaders are fulfilling bible prophesy recorded at 2 Timothy 3: 1 - 2. Na only God's kingdom dat can solve our problems.

9 May 2015 20:22

Many things have been said about the eratic power supply in Nigeria. Many words cannot fill a basket. The time of dialogue has past.The time of carrot and stick approach has is time for action.we heard of some cinema business operators who give money to some power supply officials when there are big club matches so that they could off power supply for customers to patronize their centres to watch the matches.we know that there are many sabotuers in the system who are frustrating the government's efforts to give the masses light. These wicked people should be fished out and arrested,tried and executed publicly to sanitize the system. Electricity is the life force of many Nigerians who cannot buy generator let alone to buy fuel to power them daily.when light is off,little babies cry out their life in the heat.People groan in the heat and mosquitoes.Those who want to listen to news and watch movies to cool their mind are denied their rights.many small business outfits such as barbing,hair dressers and many others who depend on the public power supply to earn their daily livelihold are robbed of their daily earninigs and rights. And at the month end you must pay for what you did not use. Is this not a clear robbery?so any body who contributes one way or the other to make Nigerians suffer is not different from an armrobber.And so the government should sanitize the system and as many people who are found wanting should be tried found guilty and executed publicly. There are enough bullets in the armoury.After this,Nigeria will become one of the best countries in the world.l believe in fire for fire.force for force.lf people who are punishing the Nigeria state are not given a bit of action, all these nonsense of massive corruptions in high places and eratic power supply will never end.Some of these corrupt officials should face the bullets.After all, they are not more important than the millions of Nigerians who are dying and suffering while they enjoy their ill.gotten wealth which they gathered from the people's suffer.NO PADDY IN JUNGLE,THE MAN WITH THE LAST BULLET WILL SURELY BE THE WINNER is an army's word. MR president elect please bring out all those who have messed up the country to us for public execution. We are fully ready!

9 May 2015 20:46

Yes nice one, u are right.

9 May 2015 22:23

na we cos am because if we no buy generator and insist they provide it they would have done that with fear also our fault for voting stingy and greedy men who wanted everything for themselves into the government but brethren what shall we do

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9 May 2015 23:58

We just dey conclude tings wen we na the cause of our own problems,our many of us don sit down tink of how many boreholes,fridge,electronics,irons,welding mechines,factorys nd things wen dey drow light wen dey our area?make we no 4get say wen NEPA bring light all of us dey on these things once,nd we no dey thing say we dey over labour the trasforma? If 50 boreholes dey ur area nd una on all once if NEPA bring light,u na no think say wahala must dey?no be for kanji dam 9ja frm dey sell light to countries wen dey celebrate light? No be the same kanji dam we nigerians dey get light from?brothers nd sisters na we be the cause of our own problems,i knw say our leaders get dem part to play oooooo!

10 May 2015 08:46

de cause is corruption an mismanagement