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29 Mar 2014 10:16

If every soul that adhere to God's will go to heaven,then who will reside on the earth?

31 Mar 2014 15:20

We ve to hope set up for human , one is heavenly hope and the other is earthly hope. Rev 14:1-3 tells us the number of pple dat will ve hope of ruling in heaven rev5:9 & 10 tell us what they will do there, even jesus acknowledge thos two group at ;at 5: 3 & 5 mention it. While psam 37:29 tell us who re d one dat they will inherit d earth

9 Aug 2014 10:39

You'r correct, coz God Jehovah has a purpose of creating the earth,but lack of sound knowledge of the scriptures or b'coz of pleasing humans many religious leaders has mislead many to thinking every soul is going to heaven.