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7 May 2015 10:31

Do you agree that Atheists are better than religious peoples ?? US prisoners are religious. Studies have shown that atheists have more empathy for others, are less tolerant of inequality, less approving of torture or the death penalty, have higher intelligence, make better parents, are healthier, take less stupid risks and are more honest.

7 May 2015 11:35

"The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God." __Psalm14:1

7 May 2015 13:49
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7 May 2015 14:06
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7 May 2015 14:20

Beware! God Shall Bring His Terrible Judgement Down! Are U Prepared?

7 May 2015 16:56

they are not

7 May 2015 19:43

A man's faith is a man's faith, life is illusion

7 May 2015 19:50


7 May 2015 22:20

A professor was once quoted thus "Africans are notoriously religious". I know he's right. Most of the problem we encounter in our society today have some religious undertone attached to it. I feel neither religion nor atheism is better over the other... My project supervisor once asked me "uche, you strike me as a religious boy". He was shocked when i told him i wasn't religious..."i only have a relationship with God".

#screw religion. Your relationship with God matters.

7 May 2015 22:30

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7 May 2015 22:43

you ar very right with atheist facts, and pls dont mind the foolish quotes from online rats who are usually relationship phishingmen.
religious people are of 3 wicked class
1, The founders
2, the sheeps who are ever following sheperd to the slaughter house.
3, The gate keepers: pimppreachers, tax collectors and the dull heads who dont know whats going on in their surroundings no matter what.
so atheist doesnt mean believe of no God, and if he does exist, let him show his face.

8 May 2015 01:13

I disagree with ur assertion

15 May 2015 01:19

wit d tinz u list, atheists ave d higher rate of good people than d religions people. but he dat say there z no God is a fool and should b ready 4 d consequences