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6 May 2015 19:12

The little girl lived in a small, very
simple, poor house on a hill and
as she grew she would play in
the small garden and as she
grew she was able to see over
the garden fence and across the
valley to a wonderful house high
on the hill - and this house had
golden windows, so golden and
shining that the little girl would
dream of how magic it would
be to grow up and live in a
house with golden windows
instead of an ordinary house
like hers.
And although she loved her
parents and her family, she
yearned to live in such a golden
house and dreamed all day
about how wonderful and
exciting it must feel to live there.
When she got to an age where
she gained enough skill and
sensibility to go outside her
garden fence, she asked her
mother if she could go for a
bike ride outside the gate and
down the lane. After pleading
with her, her mother finally
allowed her to go, insisting that
she kept close to the house and
didn't wander too far.
The day
was beautiful and the little girl
knew exactly where she was
heading! Down the lane and
across the valley, she rode her
bike until she got to the gate of
the golden house across on the
other hill.
As she dismounted her bike and
lent it against the gate post, she
focused on the path that lead to
the house and then on the
house itself...and was so
disappointed as she realised all
the windows were plain and
rather dirty, reflecting nothing
other than the sad neglect of
the house that stood derelict.
So sad she didn't go any further
and turned, heart broken as she
remounted her bike ... As she
glanced up she saw a sight to
amaze her...there across the way
on her side of the valley was a
little house and its windows
glistened golden the sun
shone on her little home.
She realised that she had been
living in her golden house and
all the love and care she found
there was what made her home
the 'golden house'. Everything
she dreamed was right there in
front of her nose!
Moral : You will never know
what you have until you loose it,
do well to value whatever you
have because there are people
out there wishing they were

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7 May 2015 00:45

Hmmm dats right, its gud to value wat we hv.

7 May 2015 01:33

No be lie

7 May 2015 01:34

Quote by navadahand1
No be lie

@ ur moral lesson

7 May 2015 02:49

I always say dat my brother, pls u have 2 tell dem more pls,

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7 May 2015 09:23

Nice write-up. Inspired!!!

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7 May 2015 14:59

Good preaching method

7 May 2015 20:02

true talk

7 May 2015 20:18

Too true..,

7 May 2015 21:53

Is good we should value what we ve and also be content

8 May 2015 01:00

Guide the inner urself.

8 May 2015 01:30

good moral

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8 May 2015 09:32

that's awesome

28 Nov 2016 20:44

True Talk