Nigerian forum: MoboFree news - ... facebook fake user also ?
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6 May 2015 01:44

I do understand facebook also has fake user but how can will found or verifield if that id is fake in facebook?

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7 May 2015 01:43

Celebrities are the cos of fake fb i.d's. Take it or leave it

7 May 2015 11:06

it's not only Facebook dat fake user are many even here sum men's are pretending as ladies ,dey will give u dia number and dey will change dia voice as if dey ladies. pls guys dat r looking for serious relationship becareful. e.g I met a lady here online she gave me her number, she told me dat she is in school wia she is studying computer science ,ND2 and i ask her dat in which computer program does she know best ,she said any one and i also ask her dat can she give me d type of program dat she knows, she can say anything. xo guys dat are doing dis is not gud oooo.dere is God oooo