Nigerian forum: Literature - ONE WRONG TURN EPISODE 17
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3 May 2015 17:43

The lecture couldn't have ended any quicker. As
soon as the teacher left the class, i hurriedly
gathered my books, tucked them in my bag and
headed straight for the gate house.
Ruth and Hannah where right behind me. They too
had plans. It was time to execute.
As early as we were, we weren't the first to arrive at
the gate house. We met 3 other girls there.
I recognized them, they had left the class a while ago
during the English lecture.
They weren't wearing their uniforms anymore, the
make up on their faces had completely transformed
One of the girls handed 1500 naira to the gate man,
and he opened the gate for them.
There was a yellow range rover sport packed just
outside the gate. It had a passenger at the back seat.
He was a well dressed middle aged man, probably in
his 50s.
Two of the girls hopped into the back seat, while the
third occupied the front seat.
Just before the door closed, i could see one of the
girls kissing the middle aged man shamelessly, as
he ran his hands over her body. She looked so much
like a prostitute.
But who I'm i to judge? Aren't we very much the
same? I thought to myself as i slowly took off my
I put on my gown hurriedly, and sat quietly waiting
for Ruth to make me up. I still didn't know how to
apply make up. Every time i tried was a disaster.
Ruth got dressed on time. She looked so pretty in
her make up. She was naturally endowed just like
me. The tight fitting short gown she wore made a
fine print of her shape.
I sat motionless as she applied make up on my face,
she was quite meticulous. She seemed so keen on
making me look beautiful today
After a while, I looked at myself in the mirror. My
own beauty made me proud.
I turned from side to side, trying out various poses.
Everything seemed perfect. Even the gate man
couldn't help himself, i caught him staring.
I took my school bag, and we headed out of the
school compound. Just outside, Ehis car was packed
in front of another camry.
I didn't bother to look at the occupants of the car
behind, i simply took a seat beside Ehis, while Ruth
and Hannah entered the car packed behind.
"you look stunning baby" Ehis said, moving in for a
His lips met mine without resistance, the shyness i
use to feel was gone. I felt bolder and more
confident in the presence of Ehis.
The car previously packed behind us overtook, and
sped off. Ruth and Hannah waved me from the back
seat as they drove out of site.
Where they were headed, i had no idea. I didn't
know were i was going either, but i was so
convinced i would have fun. The engines started and
we drove off.
"You must be starved, should we get something to
eat?" Ehis asked, as he slowed down to take a left
turn into a street leading to sizzlers.
I nodded in agreement.
We drove a little further, and Ehis pulled up in front
of sizzlers.
"wait here let me get us something to eat."
He alighted and walked towards sizzlers. I slumped
into the seat, and started playing with my phone.
I pinged Ruth and Hannah to find out were there
where headed. The replies came in fast.
Just like me, both of them had no idea were they
were going. They just wanted to have fun, that is
what everything was about.
I easily excused myself, thinking that i was somehow
different from them. I was here because i 'loved'
Ehis. Well at least i felt strongly for him and wanted
to make him happy.
I spotted him coming out of the restaurant with with
two white customized paper bags in his hands. He
was walking as fast as his legs could carry.
"G2g, later" i hurriedly texted Hannah.
"kk, make sure you use protection o, i no wan hear
story later." She replied almost immediately
I smiled to myself an tucked away the phone, as Ehis
joined me in the car. He started the engine, and our
journey continued.
We entered a surrounding that seemed familiar to
me, then i realised we were heading to his hostel.
I was neither scared nor worried. I thought I was
ready for anything that could happen.
We arrived at his hostel, the compound was just the
way it was when i last visited, only a lot noisier
It seems many of the students were back from
school. Music from loud speakers played at
ridiculously high volume made it impossible for me
to hear my own thoughts.
Some of the occupants sat outdoors gisting and
playing board games. The stares and gazes i was
getting as Ehis and i walked to his room made me
really uncomfortable.
Some of his friends would call his name out loud
and make annoying comments. I just kept a straight
face and ignored. I couldn't wait to get out of sight.
We climbed up the stairs into his room. It wasn't
much different from how i last saw it, though it was
a little untidy.
I sat down on the side of the bed, anticipating what
will happen next. Ehis handed me one of the
customized paper bags.
It contained a plate of rice and ice cream in a can.
This was exactly what i needed, i was famished
Ehis headed for the door.
" I'm coming, i have to buy something from the
chemist down the road" Ehis said, making his way
out of the room.
" ok, but don't leave me alone here for long" I
replied, wondering what he had to buy at this time.

5 May 2015 10:14

I cant wait for d next episode

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Tanx, another episode please

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next episode girlfriend. pls

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When is d next episode pls

6 May 2015 01:47

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nest episode plz

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Very interesting!

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Am intrested on this story. i think i love it.