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2 May 2015 01:35

Hai frnds , write here some words in same sounds.....

2 May 2015 01:35

See --- sea

2 May 2015 01:36

Why --- y

2 May 2015 01:36

Eye ---- i

2 May 2015 01:37

Light ---lite

19 May 2015 11:57


23 May 2015 16:42


23 May 2015 19:26

Know- No

24 May 2015 00:41

Sight and site,night and knight,hymn and him,buy and by/bye,sun and son,peel and pill,bear and beer,deer and dear,cut and caught,thought and taught,pail and pale,hill and heel,week and weak.dye and die,tire and tyre,thin and thing,port and pot,right and write,hut and hurt,chat and chart,cat and cart,tank and thank.

24 May 2015 00:42

Back and bark,cane and cain,heel and heal.

24 May 2015 00:44

Ship and sheep. Someone challenge me please by writing yours and it wont rhyme with any written one.

24 May 2015 00:46

OnyinyeGod i knw dat ur own wil be difrense mtchewww

24 May 2015 00:49

Go nd sleep @ onyinyeGod

9 Jun 2015 13:51

U r so funy bt s very interestin

9 Jun 2015 14:55

Worn,warn ,made-maid,wait-weight,white-whyte,gate-get,corn-cone,dog-dug,hard-had,luck-lock,suck-sock,nest-next,tree-three,sod-sword hot -hut welding-wedding not-knut fate-faith bed-bird be-bee pole-poll price-prize rice-rise tell-tail sell-sail fail-fell luke-look whether-wheather cotton-curtain chair-cheer morning-mourning death-date father-farther sit-seat mother-murder plate-plait pls try me again if u can am also interested ok

12 Jun 2015 19:00

Leave nd live fourth nd fought,forte wore nd war which nd wish sum nd sum born nd burn brake nd braeak raid nd red work nd walk as nd axe us nd ox cause nd course full nd fool worry nd warri bus nd boss here nd hear flour nd floor hair nd hier see nd sea two nd too whole nd hole order nd other fit nd feet sperm nd spam true nd through thyme nd time fair nd fare yoke nd york foam nd form main nd men lost nd lust burst nd boast will ne wheel hell nd hail meal nd mill warn nd one desease nd disease both nd boat but nd bought rear nd rare glo nd glow roll nd role male nd mail peace nd piece so nd sow heap nd heep hill nd heal chaste nd chest pop nd pope check nd cheque bang nd bank walter nd water touch nd toch belt nd bethe ok nd okey gel nd jail drawn nd drown buss nd box pack nd park rubb nd rob bell nd bail heart nd hat horse nd hose thrown nd throne leap nd lip bother nd boarder it nd eat ate nd earth told nd toad ulter nd alter u nd you rain nd reign hi nd high force nd fox less nd leise guest nd guess west nd waist/waste bin nd been/being sign nd sigh late nd let whot nd what fat nd fact shot nd shut/short martha nd matter pls some should challenge me ok tanks

12 Jun 2015 20:14


5 Jul 2015 00:25


14 Jul 2015 23:12


28 Aug 2015 23:54

Wheat-Wit, Rode-Road, Bit-Beat, Byte-Bite