Nigerian forum: Jokes - five Ways You Are Damaging Your Love Life
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30 Apr 2015 12:40

There are really ways that you can disrupt your own relationship and in case you’re not cautious, you’re now doing it without acknowledging it, which is bringing on your relationship more mischief than great. On the off chance that your relationship is developing icy, would it be able to be because of one of these variables? Look at it and check whether it one of these components are influencing your relationship.

1. Being too available
There is such a thing of being too available. If you love a guy, you may very well be tempted to drop everything when the guy you’re seeing suddenly calls and invites you out for a last-minute drink. You could be in the middle of something but when he calls, you jump. Don’t give in so easily! Especially if you already have plans with other people. Breaking plans to become available to see a guy at the last minute puts things completely on his terms and if you keep meeting him only when it suits him, it becomes very imbalanced. The key to a good relationship is compromise and having balance between the both of you. Being at his beck and call does not help the relationship and in fact can set the wrong kind of expectations.

2. Falling into a rut
Being too comfortable is also a danger. While being comfortable in your own skin is a good thing but being too comfortable will get one complacent, and that isn’t good. It leads to people falling into a rut, which is frankly, the worst possible thing for any potential to find a partner. It is very easy to fall into a rut or a “safe zone” and unfortunately, when you’re in that rut, it’s very difficult to get out of it. It also makes it harder for you to meet people and being sociable is healthy. We never said that it’s easy. It takes effort and time but it is worth it! So, switch it up and be even ready to try out new things. You’ll never know what you’ll find. You could find that special gem of a person in the most unexpected place.

3.  Rushing the relationship
Sometimes when we’re in love, we can fall a bit ahead of ourselves which can be dangerous. Few things are better than that heady feeling you get when you’re in love. Whilst there is nothing wrong with thinking about your future together, learn to take things a little slower and learn to really get to know the person you’re with. It is very important that both of you are on the same page before you really start investing further int the relationship. There’s nothing wrong with bringing up what you’re looking for down the road—but forcing your guy to commit to having four kids and a house with a garden and a dog before you’ve been dating for six months can be counterproductive. Don’t scare him! Remember that good things take time so, take your time to build something special with your special someone.

4. Always being on call
Don’t you just hate it when a guy tells you that he’d like to see you this weekend but the plans are just so vague?! We’re not sure about you but it can really get to us. If someone is into you, he will make sure that you’ll have time for him. If you find that the guy you’re seeing keeps aiming to make plans with you but doesn’t firm anything up, it does not look promising. Waiting around for him to set the plans for you isn’t the way to build a lasting relationship. Your best move is to make other plans and go on living your life. If he never gets in touch, it’s his loss because whatever it is, you’ll having fun anyway! And if he does, and finds out that you’ve got plans, he’ll learn that you’re in demand and he needs to actively make it a point to make more of an effort to make firm plans with you if he wants a chance to see you.

5. Going after the unavailable man
This one is a no-brainer, ladies. Attractive yet unavailable guys are everywhere – married ones, attached to someone, divorced but has hang-ups on his ex, etc. If you want something to grow and last in the love department, going after someone or being with someone who is attached or unavailable is not the way to go. Even if he’s separated or divorced, be sure that he’s ready. If you get an inkling that he’s emotionally unavailable, leave it. There will be too much headaches in the long run. Stay clear of complications that are unnecessary. You’ve enough to deal with. No one wants more drama in their lives! And more importantly, you deserve someone who is available in every sense to commit if and when the time comes.

30 Apr 2015 15:46

nice speech thanks for the lesson

30 Apr 2015 15:46

nice speech thanks for the lesson

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Thanks 4 d lecture

30 Apr 2015 16:43

U welkam @Monaki

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tanks 4 ur lesson

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9ic 1

30 Apr 2015 20:25

i luv dis

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Good One

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Nice one

30 Apr 2015 23:45

Thanks to God i don't hav a lover nd am free 4rm heart-breaks.

30 Apr 2015 23:52

9ice piece.

30 Apr 2015 23:53

Ahahahahaahahaaah, u can't do without love, God insef create d earth with love so 2 disappiont u @Amabisco

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1 May 2015 00:39

wao! this are thing someone has to put into consideration

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very tremendous

1 May 2015 01:47

I love those words of admonition. But, girls should c to dat advise n amend things. Cus, they're d ones who push faster in a relationship.

1 May 2015 01:52

Amabisco is nt tellin d truth.cus ppl like her love more than others.............. Trust me!

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9ce 1

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You re right my dear broda datz wat is killing most ladies