Nigerian forum: Other - ♡ Most unforgetable day of your life _,? ♡
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29 Apr 2015 06:18

My was the first dayy i spoke english reda than spainish

also tha day i met u here on mobofree

What about u ? Let share

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29 Apr 2015 16:58

The day I got engaged cos it was so funny

29 Apr 2015 17:21

The day i opened mobofree account.

29 Apr 2015 17:28
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29 Apr 2015 17:45

The day see true luv

29 Apr 2015 18:34

Every day in my life

29 Apr 2015 19:22

It was d day I had sex wit my Ex at d bck of my car. It ws like jack&Rose in titanic. Twas crazy

29 Apr 2015 21:38

Mine was when I missed my flight

29 Apr 2015 22:07
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30 Apr 2015 00:30

Mine was when 419 embarass me in abia state nigeria,it was like a dream,i can never forget that day?

30 Apr 2015 08:28

The day i fell inside a big river at abt 6.00p.m ,without not knowing how to swim .

30 Apr 2015 09:04

mine is the day i bought bread outside the fligh on our way to dubai i was so hungry on dat and i dont no wht to do again and i call the bread seller on the same way.