Nigerian forum: Other - do people lie abut there country
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28 Apr 2015 14:07

y did people lie abut there country, a boy in de viliage tellin me he z in UK cn u imagine, 4 guyz if any1 lie abut hiz country i wil blacklizt de person me im angry ooo .

28 Apr 2015 17:54

most of guy on dis website re 419

28 Apr 2015 20:27

What did u mean that many guy in his ws are 419.did anyone dupe u here.if nt hw can u make commite like that.

28 Apr 2015 21:56

Thank u

28 Apr 2015 23:11

Bt I Dnt See De Reason Y People Lie Abt Their Country

28 Apr 2015 23:26

I can't lie 4 my country, an were I 4rom bcos no one kns 2more, but if I may say gals is d cos, y some gals like 2 dupe guys in d name Of friends or love

28 Apr 2015 23:28

if d person u ar lyin 4 did nt kw,u dat u ar lyin kw urself,juz to make girls fal 4 dem

29 Apr 2015 06:27

First ur tha topic is too educate mobofree user ....
U need too learn how too create a topic dear ...

Alot of users are changing his or her cos most love it

But most are helping our administration on mobofree

But most are trying too scam ,fake , fell inlove with u girls ....

L.e our admin of mobofree is from europe lithuania but his profile is nigeria right ?

My am from madrid spain europe .. but my profile is nigeria cos this how wil help mobofree adminstration

## thanks !

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29 Apr 2015 07:58

thank u

29 Apr 2015 13:14

Its only a fool dat will lie about his/her country

29 Apr 2015 13:28

@Asanwa: hw u take kw say na viliage d guy dey? N tell me y him no go lier 4 u way bi say na ur boobs u take do photo

29 Apr 2015 15:48

hahahaha........... Na true u talk ooooo @ Emma

29 Apr 2015 17:05

Am proud of my country (nigeria)

29 Apr 2015 17:14
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29 Apr 2015 17:23

toyin u a re such a dammmmmmmmmmm fool

29 Apr 2015 17:28
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29 Apr 2015 19:29

Girls also duplicate don't judge one side

29 Apr 2015 21:53

Any things pple wil lyk do let dem do, cos only 1 day time wil tel.
What I blieved is dat dere's no hw u wil said sumtin dat is nt.... And ur causion wil blam on u if only u hv a spirit of God.

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29 Apr 2015 22:21

people can lie about dal country

29 Apr 2015 23:39