Nigerian forum: Celebrities, gossip - ladies now snap and upload their naked photos (nude) on net. If its your gf/wife what will you do ?
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25 Apr 2015 15:58

ladies now snap and upload their naked photos (nude) on net. If its your gf/wife what will be your reaction and also what will you do ?
Also ladies if your love found your nude photos on internet what will you tell him


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1 May 2015 15:27

hmmm ladies

1 May 2015 15:27


2 May 2015 00:06

Ladies are fish-like creatures

4 Jun 2015 05:10


4 Jun 2015 15:28

I will take her as ashawo and I won't class her as a responsible woman again

20 Aug 2015 21:43

ls beta for me to find a good woman

30 Aug 2015 19:29

It beyond my exposure. Because i we do u a worst one.

9 Sep 2015 15:09

den i syn out

3 Aug 2016 07:04

Let her just kiss the relationship or marriage bye bye

6 Sep 2016 20:20

I Wont Be Hppy At All And I Wil Talk Sense Into Him/ Her

7 Sep 2016 01:14

I will tell her i dont need an ashawo

7 Sep 2016 23:45

My guy ll never find such cos i ll never upland such and vise versa

8 Sep 2016 01:17

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8 Sep 2016 12:44

Preach christ to him / her.... Bcos not everything u just make a decision on.. U can change her or him at ur best knowledge by his grace.. Bcos no one is a saint.. Seein some guys askin for a lady nude pic, after that u see some one do it to ur girl.. Now u want to tel her bye bye, it is either u change her and marry her or change her for a btter tommrr. It dose not mean after changin her u must marry her, but it a thing of joy to u and God, that u set some free from that bondage and also Be reasonable to ur self.. Bcos nothin u do that u won't ripe

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