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22 Apr 2015 11:29

"hmmm...of a truth this is real burden, passing through the school of affliction..,
and i know that when i am tried i shall come forth as gold." but can i find a true & genuine person to share my pain with here in this world? ...hmmm(sighs)!

22 Apr 2015 22:06


22 Apr 2015 23:41

Yes you can

22 Apr 2015 23:54

@pfancy.....hmmm but everywhere seems blank...! nobody cares.., and everyone just trying to do his/her own thing....hmmm(sighs)

23 Apr 2015 00:38

Yes! JESUS, U may ask y he is d only one i know u can cast all ur burden upon. he cares for u.

23 Apr 2015 07:24

Yes, my Saviour, Jesus Christ can. He's d only one who can bear ur burdens. Why not go to Him today, tomorrow might be too late.