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22 Apr 2015 10:15

some says, love is a mental diseases is it true who can tell me

22 Apr 2015 15:23

That is their own view about love ok.

22 Apr 2015 18:04

There is noting like luv, bcuz u can only luv or luving u when there is money, it means no money no luv.

22 Apr 2015 19:20

Love's stupid

22 Apr 2015 19:46

Love isn't a mental disease, it is the way u see it.

22 Apr 2015 21:58

LOVE is like magic, that control & command such a person that he/she find himself in that traip. LOVE is not money; & MONEY is not love. Defination of love, LOVE is Carring, understanding, trust & truth. While MONEY; is materials things that have expiering date & time 2 stail.

22 Apr 2015 22:45

Spartacus Pls re u married?

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22 Apr 2015 22:53

Vobia Re u trying 2 say there's no real love or u dont believe in love

Edited by Uchechris516 / 22 Apr 2015 23:08
22 Apr 2015 23:43

there is real lov bt it ad to control wen u av it nd b4 u cn av it u av to play a good gam wit ur patna jst to no trut

23 Apr 2015 00:32

good evening

23 Apr 2015 00:42

Falling in love, according to investigators, can bring relaxing effect on mind and body.

23 Apr 2015 00:43

Pls post my comment naaa

23 Apr 2015 01:06

Emma what did u mean by ur comment i did.nt c any of ur comment

23 Apr 2015 01:08

Gbenga! Ehh okay

23 Apr 2015 01:49

d word l.o.v.e is something dat grow 4rm human spirit or 4r d heart love is not when a man nd a woman hav an affair dat u call it love

23 Apr 2015 01:53

Lg! i know dat love is not all about man and woman affair

23 Apr 2015 01:58

Smith! every body with their own way of thinking is it what re saying

23 Apr 2015 04:02


23 Apr 2015 04:30

I dont say i love you but l feel it

23 Apr 2015 08:36

love is like magnet 2d lovin soul dat pick an iron nt easy 2 drop