Nigerian forum: Politics - SOUTH AFRICA AGAIN!
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21 Apr 2015 12:09

We di Nigerians show dem luv, we support dem wid cash an kindness to help dem liberate fram slavery, but wha do we get fram dem inna return, hatred an baack-staba. ''sarry fi maaga (SKINING) dog, maaga dog turn round bit yu", dese wha we get fram dese bloodclaat S African pipo, but it iz a-pay baack time bikaaz ''when a-man offend yu a-hundred times, pay 'im baack a-thousand times", chase dem out of di black race bikaaz dem act likka black sheep inna blacks fambly (FAMILY), dem cyaan (CAN'T) get away wid dese, earth a-go run red fi dem dese time around, ''everyday di bucket go a-well, one day di battam (BOTTOM) a-go drop out", ''fiyah dey a-mus mus (RAT) tail, 'im tink a-cool breeze? Mi nuh know wha di raas (FUCKING WRONG) wrang wid dese HOTTENTOTS (bushmen) S African pipo? Dey a-pussyclaat, eaise haad pickney dem (STUBBORN CHILDREN) an claffy (IDIOT) pipo.....

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21 Apr 2015 22:02

Bro's thanks for ur concern about what's happening in S/Africa generally Africa,buh do u knw that not everybody will understand d language (jamaica) dat u used for dis ur write up so,just bring it down to d language that every Nigeria on mobofree will understand and that wil make dem to participate & protest against xenophobia to stop d killing of our Brothers and Sisters Their in S/Africa...One Luv Nigeria....One Luv Africa

21 Apr 2015 23:06

Na true talk my guy, make him brak it down

22 Apr 2015 00:07

guy,na true u dey talk,tanks g0d dat my broder wey day s afri don commot b 4 gbege don burst,but wat of my remain brodar,pls let discus issue amicable. thanks 1 lov afri 1 lov nig

22 Apr 2015 00:33

Africa unite....1 luv

22 Apr 2015 00:40

What is our president doing abt it pls any good news fellow Nigerian

22 Apr 2015 00:41

And again our pple should come home naaa if dead is their final say plsss

22 Apr 2015 00:53

the problem is solvable,if only Nigeria can give them opportunity to work ,in as much as they are facing unemployment

22 Apr 2015 04:14

True yarn

22 Apr 2015 06:46

@doroyoung, tanz fi di comment, but mi cyaan be like yu, every man-a-man get 'im style an pattern of dween t'ings, so when yu go a-fiyah side an see food, nyam (EAT) half an leff half mi bredda fram anoda mother. Ya undastan

22 Apr 2015 10:03

I man fiya lov ya kinky post man...set dem babylon ablaze!

22 Apr 2015 13:31

Yes-i rasta! Jah luv itinually mi bredda, big up yu chest man an kip di fiyah blazin, jah guidess an i-tection pon wi di Jah children. Reespek

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