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21 Apr 2015 01:17

I thank all of you distinguished readers.Well,we all know that alot of things are happening in today's society.We all may not be able to witness everything at the same time.There are some that you may have witnessed & others may have not and others too may have witnessed some & you may have not. Few weeks ago l posted a topic on incest.l asked that assuming a father impregnates his daughter and she delivered successfully and a son impregnates his mother & she too delivered successfully and also a brother impregnates his sister and she also delivered successfully.Now if the law says that only two of the babies will be allowed to live and one of them must be killed.In this case now which of them should be killed and which should live?

21 Apr 2015 13:21

@agms pls gv me d ans

21 Apr 2015 20:44

D poster above me is damn hillarious.

25 Apr 2015 14:03

Once again my ever loving distinguished is said that when different things are displayed interms of preference,one must surely be more preferable or acceptable. In line with this,since two of the children will be allowed to live and one will be killed,we have to choose the two which were from( father and daughter) and from (brother and sister) and kill the one from son and mother.For a son to inserts his manhood into the same vagina which brought him forth to this world would be too horrible.For his semen to form his own baby in the same womb where he was formed and developed would be too horrible.After all, we read daily how Lot a father, got children by his two daughters.GENESIS CHAPTER 19 VERSES 31 TO 38.There is another place in 2ND SAMUEL CHAPTER 4 VERSES 12 TO 13,where one of David's sons wanted to rape his own sister. And the sister begged his brother not to commit such an abomination by raping her his own sister.But she went forward to say that if his brother wants her, he should speak of it to their father David and that David will not refuse her from him. This is my opinion. Any body can have his own.AGMS