Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - DO YOU BELIEVE TRUE LOVE DOES EXIST?
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20 Apr 2015 09:33

do you believe true love does exist? Let us be real and honest here

20 Apr 2015 13:16

E don die

20 Apr 2015 13:18


20 Apr 2015 13:19


20 Apr 2015 13:21


20 Apr 2015 13:35

yes its exist

20 Apr 2015 15:28

True luv does exist. it exist at the ryt tym and place with d ryt person bcux itz d ryt tin. d mistake most pple make z doing the ryt tin at the wrng tym and place with d wrng person and doing d wrng tin at d ryt tym and place wit d ryt person and at tymz wit d wrng person. dnt b in a rush 2 find it, it will surely find u. and wen it does, ur hrt wil let u knw.

20 Apr 2015 15:37

Hmmm.......with God all tins r possible

20 Apr 2015 15:44

Its still existing

20 Apr 2015 16:53

It does when u fall in love with the right person

20 Apr 2015 19:53

Sure, it does

20 Apr 2015 20:18

Yes I so much believe in true love

20 Apr 2015 22:41

Una never see person wey betrayed una,na eh make am wey una dey say true love dey exist,hahahahahaha

20 Apr 2015 23:47

love is dead and everybody knows that any thing that die did not function any more. I hear is dead any know were to be find.