Nigerian forum: Literature - ONE WRONG TURN EPISODE 9
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19 Apr 2015 07:53

"Behind the house of Mary, please wait till service
I became impatient after reading those words. I
couldn't wait for the damn service to start. I kept
adjusting myself on my seat.
Although there was no name on the note, it was
Ruth's handwriting. The "house of Mary" refers to a
small building at one corner of the church
compound. It had a statue of Mary built inside.
People usually go there to pray.
The sight of the reverend father walking up to the
alter made my heart beat faster. The time to leave is
gradually coming.
The reverend welcomed everyone to the day's
service. People scrambled to find their seats
around. The entire hall was rowdy for a while.
Slowly, normalcy was starting to return. Everyone
sat down, and the day's service was opened with a
My heart and soul were completely detached from
the church. All i could focus on was how to leave the
hall without arousing my parent's suspicion.
I got up from my seat, and moved closer to my
mum. I bent down and whispered into her ear.
"i want to buy sanitary pad, my period has suddenly
"didn't you know it would start today? Are you a
small child, she answered in a rather irritated tone.
"it happens unexpectedly sometimes", which was a
My mum put her hands in her purse, and brought
out a #500naira note
"hurry before you stain yourself"
I get to accomplish my mission, and also get paid
for it, I thought to myself as I made my way out of
the hall.
A feeling of eagerness, and excitement coupled with
a little guilt dominated my heart. I wondered if Ehis
was waiting for me there.
The church compound was much quieter now. The
walk way was nearly devoid of people, save for a few
people who were probably on a mission too.
I headed straight for the house of Mary. I could see
a car parked almost behind the house, a black,
Toyota camry, it had tinted Windows making it
impossible to see who was inside.
Ruth was standing right next to the car as I
approached. She opened the door to the back seat,
and waved at me to go in.
My heartbeat raced as i saw Ehis inside the car. A
smile enveloped my face. I could barely hide my
excitement. He smiled back at me, and hugged me
really tight.
He held my chin, and drew me closer to himself for
a kiss. I closed my eyes, anticipating the taste of his
A hard knock on the car window sharply interrupted
our kiss. It was Ruth, she was trying to warn us of
I looked around, and saw my mother walking
towards the house of Mary, with fury and haste,
clutching on to my bible.
It suddenly hit me, i left the note in my bible. My
mum must have found it. God, I'm in trouble again I
said to myself.
Ehis saw the troubled look on my face. He smiled,
and told me to calm down. Ruth will take care of
I doubted him, my mum was quite a detective.
*** to be continued***

20 Apr 2015 23:53

pretty pretty interesting. Thumbs-up girl u rock. eagerly waiting 4 da next episode

21 Apr 2015 00:45

Nice one

21 Apr 2015 01:21

Nice One Waitin 4 D Nxt Episode