Nigerian forum: Literature - ONE WRONG TURN EPISODE 8
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19 Apr 2015 07:51

We got to church quite early, as it is our usual
tradition. The compound was already bubbling with
life. Different brands of cars packed around,
reflecting the social status of the parishioners.
The entire compound was saturated with human
activities, hawkers and petty traders displayed their
wares anywere it would be visible.
People walking to and fro the walk ways, dressed in
different attires. Some were simple and elegant like
me, others were extravagant and flashy. Some
modest and decent, others wild and provocative.
This was a typical Sunday service, the good, the bad
and the ugly all meet here, some to worship the
lord, some for entirely different reasons.
Which group do I belong to? I wasn't sure anymore.
I used to be a good girl, but the thoughts that have
preoccupied my mind for the past two days, makes
me doubt my own self.
Normally, everyone will go his seperate way as soon
as we arrived. My mum and dad would find a seat,
Osas will meet up with the man servants, while i join
the alter girls. Ighalo was always a freelancer.
As i alighted from the car, i made towards the
entrance to the church hall.
"did you not hear what i said this morning"? My dad
said rather loudly.
"you are sitting next to me hence forth"
I did not want to cause a scene, so i stoped and
waited for them.
My parents had a knack for picking seats at the
front. This means i had to walk almost the entire
length of the hall. The different eyes staring at me
made me shy. I notice men, old and young staring at
my butt, or looking up at my cleavage. I scanned
through the audience hoping to catch sight of Ehis.
Mid way through the hall, i spotted Ruth among the
crowd. I fixed my eyes firmly on her, hoping she
would turn towards my direction.
She sighted me from her position. I'm very sure she
would have come towards me, if my parents weren't
in front of me. My mum hated Ruth and Hannah.
They weren't the most decent of girls anyway.
She made a sign with her hand, to notify me that she
will get in touch.
I marched along with my parents, with my head up
high, trying not to notice the eyes starring at me.
We got a seat at the front row and settled in, waiting
for service to start. Friends and wellwishers stoped
by to greet my parents. I was really uncomfortable
sitting beside them.
My eyes kept roving about the hall, hoping to see
Ehis. He was nowhere to be found.
I turned round, to look directly behind me, i scanned
face after face discreetly.
A little tap on my shoulder brought me back to my
senses. I turned round to see who it was.
It was Osato, my little friend. Though just 10 years
old, he was a little too smart for his age. His mother
is a friend of our family.
He greeted my mum and dad, and sat quietly beside
me. Osato has always been fond of me. We had
developed quite a bond. His sitting close to me did
not raise any suspicions.
I could feel him nudging me with his arm several
times, so thought the space between us was too
tight for him.
I tried to move away a little. Just then, i noticed his
palm outstretched, between our tights. There was a
neatly folded sheet of paper on it. This has to be a
message, i was sure of it.
I looked side ways towards my parents, they were
deeply involved in a discussion with the catechist.
I snatched the note from Osato's palm, and
hurriedly tucked it inside my bible.
Osato got up, and hopped away. His mission had
been completed.
I opened my bible slowly, looking for the page were i
had hidden the note.
I spotted the white paper, and pretended to be
reading my bible. The message was short, but It's
very content excited me.
*** more updates later today***

30 Apr 2015 21:41