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17 Apr 2015 14:24

Do you know that court wedding,traditional wedding,muslim wedding and church wedding.
Marriage vow are all good but they don't guarantee you will be together forever....

Church's name is not what makes your marriage work!
Big cake,expensive wedding,suit and gown have nothing to do with a long lasting marriage!

You may be joined by the most Anointed Bishop or Imam in the world and still have the most miserable marriage!.
But it take God,Prayers,Love,Submission,Patience,Respect,Kindness,Trust,Understanding,Forgiveness,Support,Faithfulness,Good Communication,Godly characters to make it joyful and last

Your marriage is what you make it to be!
Make it work because there is nothing holy about marital crisis and Divorce!

May God give you the wisdom to build a blissful home in Jesus Name....

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