Nigerian forum: Health - what ladies should know about marriage
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13 Apr 2015 20:12

Finding the right partner is the most important thing for single ladies: Ladies should take their time before getting married… at whatever age or time you get married, the most important thing is to find your life partner because the truth is that when you find the right person, you just have to be happy. It’s when you are happy that you can be useful to your society and be productive.

Maybe because marriage is an institution ordained by God, it is going through a lot of things. So, I feel the devil is taking it personal to attack marriages; be it celebrity or not. Marital problems are not synonymous with you being a celebrity or not. I just felt it is a serious issue that needs to be addressed.

We should know that marriage is a divine institution and when we say we are married, no matter the challenges we should learn to cope and make the best use of everything we have. Marriage is not a bed of roses.

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13 Apr 2015 22:46

9ice one.....abeg tell dem o dis air-time of a tin way dem day ask 4 e no go favour dem

13 Apr 2015 22:57

@Emma we are still going to talk about that too....tnx #Emma

13 Apr 2015 22:59

thru talk

13 Apr 2015 23:03

love dat

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i gbadun u my guy, true talk

13 Apr 2015 23:11

ori wanbe jo na reality talk be dats

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love yo dude more than he love yo...thumb for ya.

13 Apr 2015 23:25

You may inherit good material wealth from your earthly father; but, you can't inherit a good life partner from your earthly father, however, good he may seem to be. You get the right and good life partner when you obtain favour from the heavenly Father- God.

13 Apr 2015 23:40

Will na gud talk sha

14 Apr 2015 01:41

E mak sence jare.

14 Apr 2015 03:44

Na sooo gud talk

14 Apr 2015 09:30

u're right

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thanks u have given me hope.god bless u

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14 Apr 2015 10:53

True talk.

14 Apr 2015 11:03

It A Nice Talk,it Z 4 Everyone Both Male Nd Female

14 Apr 2015 11:11

Dat's correct