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13 Apr 2015 16:21

The most painful thing is seeing the one you love..... Love somebody else

13 Apr 2015 17:24

yea,i hate c my frnd befrnd anoda!

13 Apr 2015 17:27

Quote by ooluwatoyin_08137864301
The most painful thing is seeing the one you love..... Love somebody else

Ya its true !...but ned u to accpt it ..coz u can't forced d person uv love ..anD thy loveb u back !....wait ur destiny

13 Apr 2015 17:48

d most painful tin ceeing d 1 u luv luv anoda

13 Apr 2015 19:25

It True,nd Dat Z D Same Thing Happening But I Cant Tell D Guy Wat Will I Do

13 Apr 2015 19:28

Yes it has bein happen 2 me, but my brother wat will I do, I just take heart

13 Apr 2015 21:40

Yes! But notin painful for me. Although am not in lov, d truth is i never hav a woman since til 2day! But i think if somone u lov, lov another person there is weaknes b/w d 2 partners. If dat hapen 2 me, i wil show 2 her dat her price is far above rubbish; dat her value to me is more than silver, gold and precious stones. If she continue i wil not force her 2 luv me but if she is my wife i think dat wil be d problem i most stand 4, to fine d solution .

13 Apr 2015 22:03

God wil c me thru

13 Apr 2015 23:01

Yes oo it apen, bt there is nothing i can do abt it. jst take hrt.

13 Apr 2015 23:05

Hmmmm......luv takes time to here u when u hard it so much

13 Apr 2015 23:07

is it because we are here that talk shit, yo forgets about fucking death, taking the ones we love huh... ain't gona giv a damn seeing my lover love another... am gona cry forever knowing am gona miss my lover forever... take a hike..

14 Apr 2015 01:20
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14 Apr 2015 01:40


14 Apr 2015 01:42

To all of una wen e don happen to,make una take una time reason say sumbody dey wen dey luv una ,wen una no give face.insted una dey busy chase shadow wen the real person stand.sumtimes the boy wen luv una! Una go say e no fine,e no get swag,e too black or e no get money,babes nd guys pls u people should always knw dat,LUV IS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL THING DAT NO BODY COULD EVER DENY KNW MATER HOW IT IS CONSIVED.

14 Apr 2015 03:14

girls are gugirls are gud

14 Apr 2015 09:38

Y sum pple like luv matter like dis self na woo

14 Apr 2015 14:51
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14 Apr 2015 17:48

well it hurts seeing d 1 u luv leaving u 4 anoda dou sum tymes its not ur fault if partner isn't 6ros u av 2 wit gud reasons

14 Apr 2015 20:26

What is truely urs will never be taken away from u.if ur partner truely loves u,i dont think anyone else can take him or her away from u,unelsr he or she see u in some act.mayb u cheat,lie or act stranely,that pave way for him or her to leave u wen he or sh finally meet who will never cheat on him or her.

16 Apr 2015 11:18

i have seen my guy sleeping with another girl bt i still luv d guy