Nigerian forum: Religion - Is virginity important in marriage?
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13 Apr 2015 12:46

Make contributions from biblical perspectives.

13 Apr 2015 13:00

what is virginity?

13 Apr 2015 16:45

virginity is a great covenant btw lady nd guy.

13 Apr 2015 16:56

Hmmm.... We knw virginity z a pride of a woman n z imputant in marriage... Bt nw adae'z to ma own personality virgin aint a pride anymore n aint imputant in marriage.... Holdn ur marriage til end z wat i Kald a PRIDE... U can b a virgin til ur weddin nyt bt wat afta d nyt u ad a shrt weddin...?

13 Apr 2015 19:02

viginity is a private part of girls us to make pride of their partners.

13 Apr 2015 19:06

to me virginity is not dignity is a waste of oppurtunity

13 Apr 2015 19:33

tank u if u love it then like

13 Apr 2015 20:54

Its a pride

13 Apr 2015 21:41

Hahaahhahahahahaha, am really learning frm u lecturers

13 Apr 2015 22:02

it a gift from god

13 Apr 2015 22:03


13 Apr 2015 22:12

odas u mk wrong quote virinity is a pride of lady to kip arslf in package is very important dis gv u gus to trust ur wife nd also d lady we be more conident to ask any tin she wnt cos u ar d first man. let forgt about nw our lady is nt pure any more dey ar oloso if ur wife tells u dat she is a virgin nd on wedding nite u fund its a lie wat we u du?

14 Apr 2015 02:41

virginity z d dignitz of a woman(make her command quality respect,attention,care and love from Him)keep urselfs if u avnt dash dat guy,and kip ur lapz really close,itz ur pride!

14 Apr 2015 02:46

Virginity is very very important in marriage as it carries great respect, prestige and reputation.

20 Apr 2015 21:22

it does matter my dear!

29 Apr 2015 09:28

Virginity z our pride keep it weela weela.