Nigerian forum: Literature - ONE WRONG TURN EPISODE 4
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13 Apr 2015 07:41

My house was a 5 minute drive from the church, We
arrived in no time. The catechist jumped off the
bike, with like a professional high jumper.
The look on his face was one of excitement rather
than anger, i couldn't understand why. He banged
repeatedly on the gate with so much vigor, as if he
was trying to drive a nail through it with his bare
"Yes? Coming" , an obviously irritated voice replied
from the compound.
The gate flew open, and i was surprise to see Osas.
How did he get home before me? I wondered. He
too was bewildered to see me soaked in tears, with
the catechist maintaining a firm grip on my hand, as
if I was a criminal.
"Goodevening sir" he muttered.
"is your father at home?" The catechist queried.....
yes but......
He interupted before Osas could finish the
statement. He pushed him out of the way, and
dragged me along, i was already sobbing
uncontrollably. Osas locked the gate quickly, and ran
after us.
The sitting room door flew open, there was my
father. He was lying on the sofa with a copy of the
"awake" magazine covering his face. His glasses
Hung on his nose. He was so engrossed to notice
who just entered the sitting room.
" Epa dormon" the catechist greeted in Benin
My father recognized the voice, and quickly sat up
on the sofa. He turned around, and immediately saw
me cringing behind the catechist, sobbing loudly. He
sprang up from his seat, and rushed towards me.
"Ella, are you ok? Where have you been, what
happened to you?.
The catechist jumped in.
"Epa, you won't believe were i saw your daughter
just now. This small girl is now a prostitute"
my father was startled, a look of confusion
enveloped his face.
" what is he talking about?" He quized, directing a
stern gaze at me.
The catechist continued. " you know that house we
are building for reverend father, the one at the other
end of our compound. I have been going there to
inspect the place for more than one month now,
each time i go there every Saturday morning, i
always pick up condom sachets, and even used
condoms. So today i said i must go and see what is
hapening there every Friday. Epa as i got there,
behold! i saw your daughter, with that useless boy,
eh eh Ehiagwina's son. He was enjoying himself
ontop of your daughter. Chai, see the way your
daughter was shouting like a female dog. Even when
i wanted to correct them, the boy started fighting
"Enough!" Thundered my father. He turned towards
me with blood shut eyes,
"Ella, so you have decided to disgrace me? After all
my discipline?"......
No daddy i did not....
A slap landed on my cheeks before i could finish. I
had barely recovered from the shock of the slap,
before my father took off his slippers and began to
give me the beating of my life. I tryed to run away,
but daddy grabbed hold of me, threw me to the
floor and kicked me.
" you want to bring shame to my name? You want to
make me a laughing stock? So this is why you
wanted to go to practice alone eh? So that you can
sleep with that . You refused to come home with
your brother. I will kill you before you disgrace me.
Foolish ".
I was on the floor, writhing and screaming in pain.
My immediate elder brother Ighalo rushed out from
his room. My agonizing screams must have alerted
him. He rushed straight at me on the floor, and
shielded me from my father's wrath and slippers.
"Ighalo get out of my sight, let me kill this prostitute"
dad roared.
"No, daddy, It's enough, she is the only sister i have,
maybe you should kill two of us." Ighalo fired back.
Dad struck him in the head with the slippers, before
putting it back on.
"your mother will continue from where i stoped
when she returns from work" he said, As he made
his way towards his room.
Ighalo helped me up to my feet, the catechist and
Osas were nowhere in sight. as he carried me off to
my bedroom.
I laid motionless on my bed, staring at the ceiling
with tears falling freely from my eyes. my whole
body ached. A lot of thoughts rushed through my
I was guilty, but the catechist exaggerated the story.
Daddy did not even listen to me. He now thinks i am
a LovePeddler. Well maybe mummy will listen to
me, she will understand that i am not a bad
I thought, but little did I know that another surprise
awaited me!
To be continued

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