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13 Apr 2015 06:22

I am using this medium to console all those who are crying, sad,confused or shy to please seek the face of the LORD for his word says'ASK AND YOU WILL BE GIVEN,SEEK AND YOU WILL FIND AND KNOCK AND IT SHALL BE OPEN TO YOU'.All the problems we are having today are the results of lack of trust, unfaithfulness in relationship & greediness in business and with you the males should not take an undue advantage of any female who needs your help.Never rely on give me l give you.By so doing you have received a curse rather than a Godly blessing.Give for God's sake.And never disappoint a lady who loves you & devoted all her time for you. This can lead to your destruction.And you the females should try to have something doing and don't always rely on rich men.Hence most of you fall victims to men who are nothing but they out smart you by taking photographs with other people's mansions & jeeps to flatter you.Any lazy girl will definately fall to their trick.And never turn your back on someone who financed your career and your business.lf you deliberately broke your promise,it can curse your future and progress. Some of us here in mobo have cars and mansions and are also titled men and women but they will not be that proud to show them to people to see.Don't always go after wealth of others but struggle on your own. Now to business perhaps l'm a different human from you with the following:At birth l came to the world with my legs instead of my mother almost died giving birth to me because my two hands got stuck in my mother's body for a day & some mother almost bleeds to death as she became unconscious. she was given the local palmwine (ogoro) continuously to strengthened her. When my mother became weary & almost dead,my father suggested that instead of him to loose both wife & baby,it will be better for the baby's hands to be twisted & broken so that the baby could come out dead & the mother be saved.But the traditional birth attendant told him not to do so because the baby is telling her spiritually that he must suckled his mother's breasts milk. My father became furious & he said 'ls it after the mother is dead that he will suckle the breasts?'Secondly in 1978,l fell sick for a full year & some months. One morning at about 9:18am l gave up the ghost.By then my father who was a fisherman had gone to check his nets.people went to scout for my father. But before they saw him was around 2:30pm.By now my body was cold & stiff. The head of the Urhobos in Ondo state then who also happened to be the leader of the UPU was sent for because my father was the secretary.Luckily before they could reached him was about 5pm.He lived after Okeluse.He got to Sobe at 7:30pm. A grave was already dug and a new mat bought to bury me.But as God would have it after bathing me l demanded for water to drink & every body took to their heels.This was about 9pm. Later a dog was killed and buried in the grave.ln 1981 at Osse River l was also held 5 days under the water by mermaids before l was released. I also served as a Member of the NIGERIA NATIONAL GUARDS under the Late Abacha's regime. I'm popularly called the parable master by my friends but l don't like earthly titles neither do l want to be called a chief or jp even though l bagged them.But l cannot do without parables as you can see under my pictures in my profile. So my people l have seen 99,l don't want to see hundred.(yours truly Chief kaniwawah David jp)aka AGMS

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28 Nov 2016 20:16

Tnks 4 Dat

5 Mar 2017 18:29

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