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12 Apr 2015 01:48

WAR VICTIM WAR VICTIM It has been almost twenty
five years since Doug Mitchell came
home from Viet Nam, a war he never
understood, but one in which fought,
because his country called. Some of the
things he saw sickened him, and to this day have made a lasting impression on
him. He would like to forget it all, but a
decision he made back in l973 makes
that impossible. In 1971, Saigon was a
wide open city with more than the
normal number vices to lure the young American soldiers. From gambling
casinos to opium dens to twenty four
hour brothels, there was a plethora of
things to do for a soldier on the prowl,
and being only twenty two years old at
the time, Doug took part in his share of the Saigon night life. During a visit to an
obscure whorehouse on the fringe of
the red light district, he met a young
Vietnamese girl who turned tricks for
$15 a head, and he got to know her
during his frequent visits, and over time they became friends. He found out that
when she was only eighteen, her father
sold her into prostitution for what
amounted to about $500.00 U.S. dollars.
On her way to the brothel, her handlers
beat her and forced her continually to perform sex acts on all of them. In the
three days it took to reach Saigon, she
became conditioned to do what ever
the men ordered to. Being very pretty
and very young, she was a hot
commodity for anyone who had the money to pay for her services. By the
time she met Doug, she was nineteen
years old and had been turning tricks
for about a year. After years of having
sex with thousands of strange men, Su
Lin began to equate acceptance with sex. It was only by giving her body, that
she was able to feel any sort self
esteem. Doug promised her that some
day he would get her out ‘Nam and
take her to America. As the war began
to turn against the U.S. and with Doug’s hitch was coming to an end, he
got help from army lawyers to obtain a
passport for Su. In August of ‘73, Doug
slipped her out of the brothel and put
her on a plane to San Francisco. Two
weeks later he was discharged from the service, and met her in California. A
month later, Doug and Su Lin were
married in a little chapel just off Castro
St. It was the start of what Doug hoped
would be a happy life together, but he
had no idea of the problems that were to arise almost immediately! As they
settled down into their new apartment,
it quickly became apparent that Su Lin
Mitchell had a sexual appetite that was
near insatiable! When she was in the
apartment, Su was almost always naked, or she would wear shear bikini
panties or a garter belt and stockings.
No matter what else they were doing,
Su Lin would expose herself to Doug as
if she were still in the brothel back in
Saigon. Her first inclination was to show her vagina and ask for sex. When
visitors would stop over, Su Lin would
sit in a chair and thrust her naked pussy
forward for everyone to see. Because
in the brothel she put on many lesbian
shows with other prostitutes, she flaunted her pussy to women as well as
men. Doug’s friends were shocked
the first time Su Lin exposed herself, but
he just explained that over in Vietnam
this was how she had been taught to
act, and this was the only thing she knew, show her vagina and have sex. It
was a reflex reaction for her! Su Lin
became edgy and depressed as her
need for massive amounts of sex went
unfulfilled. Doug, realizing his young
wife’s dilemma, decided that the only way to help her through this trying
period, would be to let her have some
of the sex she so desperately needed.
On the following Friday, Tom and Erica
were coming over to watch a new
video, and Doug hoped that maybe they could be some help in solving Su Lin’s
problem. At exactly eight o’clock the
bell rang and Doug opened the door and
welcomed their guests. As usual, Su
was naked and sitting on the couch
with her legs spread wide apart. Everyone sat down with a drink not
paying much attention to the display Su
Lin was putting on. After several
minutes of chit chat, Doug brought up
the problem he was having with his
wife, and asked them if it would be possible to help him break her of her
obsession with sex. The both looked at
each other and then agreed that they
would help Su Lin overcome her
problem. Uncertain as what to do, Tom
and Erica waited to see exactly how Su Lin would react to this new
development. Getting up from her seat,
she walked over to Tom, and in a voice
she must have used a million times in
the brothel said, “You want Su Lin to
give you suckee?” Tom, now embarrassed, just nodded his head. Su
Lin then took over. Unzipping his
trousers, she deftly pulled out his semi-
erect organ and absolutely devoured it!
Within a matter of minutes Tom was
spurting a load down the Oriental girl’s throat! Erica watched in stunned
silence, as the cute little cocksucker did
a number on her husbands cock!
Standing up, she took his hand and put it
on her puffy pussy lips. “You want
fuck Su Lin’s pussy,” she asked? Not waiting for and answer, she mounted
Tom’s still erect member, and ground
her crotch down until he was totally
engulfed by her amazing cunt! Tom had
never felt such a tight grip on his cock,
and moaned with lust and desire as Su Lin moved up and down his shaft with
her slick little pussy! When he looked
down, he could she her totally shave
mound being impaled by his huge fuck
pole! Just the sight of it going into such a
small tight hole made his eyes roll back into his head as he became delirious
with lust! Erica was taking in this whole
scene, and knew that Tom was getting
a fucking the likes of which he had
never had in his life! Far from being
jealous, she felt an urge in her vagina that made her put her hand up her skirt
and touch her own sex! Su Lin saw Erica
touching her pussy and said, “Lookee
wife! She play with her pussy!!” Tom
opened his eyes to the sight of his cute
blond wife unashamedly fingering her slit in front of everyone! Seeing this was
more than Tom could take! His ball sack
shrank tight as his cock again filled the
young girl with more cum! Su Lin, now
finished with Tom, hopped of his lap and
went straight to Erica’s cunt! Pushing her hand out of the way, she replaced it
with a tongue that had lapped hundreds
of pussies in it’s day! Now with her
pussy occupied, Erica unbuttoned her
top and pulled out her big tits. Grabbing
one, she bent her head down and greedily sucked her own nipple to
hardness! This was one of her favorite
things in the world, getting eaten and
sucking her own tits! Su Lin was
relentless in her quest to eat Erica’s
clit! Feeling the little tongue flitting over her clit and crack drove Erica towards
her own cum! Feeling the inside of her
cunt begin to spasm, Erica let out a loud
deep moan and concluded with the
words, “God I’m cumming so fucking
hard! Eat my clit you little cocksucker!” Now both of them
completely spent, they both watched in
awe as Su Lin finished her own orgasm
by frigging her hard little clit with her
own finger! After regaining her
composure, Su Lin said, “Me happy now, come back tomorrow?!?” All
Erica and Tom could do was nod yes!
Doug sat back and just smiled. THE END