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9 Apr 2015 08:04

My name is Ella. My story is not a strange one, many
girls like me have lived the same life. And many
more will, but I ll share this and hope someone will
I'm from a deeply religious family, my parents have
been very strict in raising us. Growing up in the
house of Mr and Mrs Imasuen was hard enough. My
dad is a typical Benin man, strong, commanding and
intelligent. He hardly tolerates any nuisance. He
handled us with an iron fist. We had strict rules, and
whoever disobeyed was severely punished. My
parents are also very religious people. We are
devout Catholics, no one in my house was permitted
to miss a mass, even if you were sick, it better be
ebola, else you must be in church. I was quite active
too, i was an alter girl, I also joined the legion of
My life revolved around 3 places, school, home and
church. I dare not step out of the house for a
minute. I attended a girls school, so boys were off
limits. Mom and dad took every little opportunity to
remind me that as the last born and only girl, i was
so precious to them. They wanted me to grow into a
decent woman, who would make them proud. I was
everyone's pet. My elder brothers Osas and Ighalo
were always there for me. Though 4 and 2 years
older than me respectively, we were best friends.
At 16, i was a shy, easy going princess.
I had developed quite well for my age. I had a slim
figure, at 5ft7, I had a fairly good height for a lady
with gently curved hips. I had a fairly big and well
rounded butt, which I always get teased about. My
bosoms weren't bad looking either, I had started
using bra 3 years ago. My gentle dark eyeballs
reflected my light African skin. I was a beauty to
behold, and mum always reminded me of that. She
had warmed me repeatedly never to go near boys,
whom according to her were "wolves" waiting to
plunder and destroy my future.
Dad kept a tight leash on me. Every Friday he would
drive me to church practice, and pick me up when
I'm done. Other kids made fun of me for being a
"daddy's girl". I protested and declared that i was
old enough to find my way to the church. Hence dad
agreed that Osas should take me instead. He gave us
a stern warning " you must never divert on your way
to church!" Little did daddy know that Friday practice
in church would be the beginning of my wrong turn.
To be continued.:.....

9 Apr 2015 18:28

when is the next episode coming

9 Apr 2015 18:33

Super story i no fit read am finish self

9 Apr 2015 18:37


9 Apr 2015 19:01

Abeg bring part 2 quick

9 Apr 2015 19:02

Lolz....... Abi na

9 Apr 2015 19:52

Nice one,,,, we r waiting 4 d continuation...

9 Apr 2015 20:00

Nice one

9 Apr 2015 21:08

Hmmmm! U must be a good writer, cant wait to see the second episode.

9 Apr 2015 21:25

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9 Apr 2015 22:08

We cum here to cash fun no bi to discuse family issue abeg oo

9 Apr 2015 22:39

love 2 knw wat hapen nxt

9 Apr 2015 23:40

Dis one na story without end

9 Apr 2015 23:42

Go publish novel oooooo! If u go school go read doctor or Engineer you are wasting ur time. This is where u are talented on take note!

9 Apr 2015 23:52

Quote by holyland
Dis one na story without end

if the stop fit start then i believe say e go end.

10 Apr 2015 00:48

Kom Bros, U No Deh C Dat Headin? Learn To Read Abeg!@emma.

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10 Apr 2015 01:20

9iz one,waitin 2 hear soon,

10 Apr 2015 01:30


10 Apr 2015 01:31

We are xpectin d part 2

10 Apr 2015 01:48

Nice 1.wen is the next episode