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9 Apr 2015 06:00

Temperature Range: 65 °F - 95 °F.
Rainfall: 60 cm/year (at regular intervals throughout the growing season).
Soil Type: Well-drained and acidic soil (4.5-5.5 pH).
Propagation: Crown, suckers and slips.
Flowering: Requires cooler temperatures.

The propagation of pineapple plants is mostly carried out by means of crowns. Seeds are not preferred owing to their slow growth. Other parts of the plant such as 'slips' and 'suckers' are also used for propagation. While preparing the crown for propagation, its lower leaves are peeled off to expose the 'root primordia'. Crowns are then planted in a potting soil known as 'Bromeliad Potting Soil'. Then the plants are grown in pots for few days before moving them in fields.

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