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7 Apr 2015 20:05

Many Nigerian know where to Import because a lot of
them knew Aliexpress and other sites, Even selling on
Aliexpress alone can turn you to multi-millionaire, but
they have problem of selling their Product. Many
people don't believe that this business can turn them
into millionaire within 6month but they lack Knowledge.
This gave me a lot of headache when I first started this
Business because I can't be going from one street to
another for me to advertise my product. But you don't
have to stress yourself, am here for you! You don't
need to design your own sites and upload your product
before you can sell. But many people here know the
solution. Please if you have solution to that, drop your
own ideals and let other people benefit. Thanks. If you
have any Question you can also drop it here! Your
question will be answer in the next 12hours. Or you inbox my email: or call me 08133176941

7 Apr 2015 23:43


8 Apr 2015 00:37

So hw do u now sell,cos i have many product of different types,i will appreciate if i get buyers.

8 Apr 2015 09:45

Selling product has never been more easy these recent days with the help of the growing e-commerce we have here in the country. I mean Jumia, konga, Kaymu, OLX, dealdey where you can register and upload your products for free and after sales, they only deduct a commission. Facebook, twitter, BBM, whatsapp are other ways of free or almost free marketing tools. See you at the top!!! I'm new on Mobofree anyway, I will appreciate a tour guide. Thanks for your time.

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8 Apr 2015 12:24

Please how much will be okay to start and what are the equipment needed

8 Apr 2015 15:24

Make money online with your phone on nigeria earnrealpay it is easy and real this site is for nigerian citizen only visit

8 Apr 2015 16:02

Is it to start Importation?

8 Apr 2015 17:56

To start what?@Adek

8 Apr 2015 18:42

Yes to start importation @ femstic

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8 Apr 2015 21:35

@Adeko7 It depend on the type of information you get. But as for I started my own with Just 6000+ I first Imported one Android Product and sold it For 37,000 and I imported another 3. That was how I made it. I can simply import product that worth 300,000-500,000 within just 7month that I started. So you can start with 10,000-15,000. You can first buy Jewelries, with just #10,000 you will import a lot of Jewelries which when you sell it, you will sell it nothing less than 30,000. If you sell it cheaper. Because I bought 5 set of jewelries 2months ago. I bought it for #255 per one. And I sold it for 3900 per one which is. 19,500. So going for jewelries can turn you into Million within 6months if you know what you are doing. But you need the right Information like where to get the cheapest and Original product and how to market it. You can check me on or 08133176941. Thanks

9 Apr 2015 13:10

which sites can we buy cheap and quality products from?