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3 Apr 2015 21:25

Good king in Persia who loved
hispeople and often dressed in
the clothes of a working man or
a beggar so he could visit the
poor and learn about their
hardships. One time he visited a
very poor man who lived in a
cellar. He ate the coarse food the
poor man ate and spoke
cheerful, kind words tohim. He
later visited that poor managain
and told him, "I am your king!"
The king thought the man
would surely ask for some gift
or favour, but he didn't. Instead
he said, "You left your palace
and your glory to visit me in this
dark, dreary place. You ate my
coarse food. You brought
gladness to myheart! To others
you have given your rich gifts.
To me you have given yourself!"
God gave us the gift of Himself
when He sent His Son to this
dark,dreary place. Have you
accepted Him graciously and
thankfully as the poor man did,
or do you take this gift for
granted? This Easter season,
let's remember to thank Him for
His most precious gift to us;
Himself. Wishing you all a glorious
Easter celebration! God bless.

25 Oct 2016 22:03

Hppy Easter May We Celebrate In Peace And Gudhealth