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3 Apr 2015 02:54

Sani Abacha & wife went to Aso
Rock together....... ..... Only his
wife came back.
Olusegun Obasanjo & wife went
Aso Rock together....... Only
Obasanjo returned.
Umaru Musa Ya'adua & wife
went to Aso. Rock together
...........Only his wife returned.
Goodluck Ebele Jonathan & wife
went to Aso Rock together ..............
Now both of them are coming
back together with their Lives
and healthiness.
GEJ is indeed lucky to break that
curse in Aso Rock.

3 Apr 2015 10:30


3 Apr 2015 10:39


3 Apr 2015 10:49

No president like goodluck ebele jonathan

3 Apr 2015 11:51
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3 Apr 2015 13:15

Yes dt was his metion to aso rock

3 Apr 2015 13:52


3 Apr 2015 15:43

Dis guy calling Emma at times dey funny

3 Apr 2015 15:55

he is indeed a luckly man,buhari will not return from aso rock only his wife and children will return

3 Apr 2015 17:32

@Ada na true ooo.. Hw u take kw? Abi u bi

3 Apr 2015 18:10

Hmmmm,,, be careful abt things u say 2 others bcos d same shall return 2 u

3 Apr 2015 20:44

u r vry funnyy.

3 Apr 2015 21:50

The only democrant president is Gej in the history of nigeria. May god bles him.

3 Apr 2015 22:55

He is God project that can't be abandoned.

3 Apr 2015 23:00

@ Ada7879...beware of what you wish might come back to you.pls always speak positive. God bless you.

3 Apr 2015 23:04

Na true o Ada mk u take time o mk God no vex 4 u o

3 Apr 2015 23:15


4 Apr 2015 00:42

Persn wey trow stone for market make he knw say hm mama or papa or even hm broda fit dey there, make the stone no hit them oo lolz na joke shah. Hw una dey?

4 Apr 2015 00:47

Remember what Buhari Said To GEJ GOVT. IN 2011??... "HE THAT KILLS BY THE SWORD SHALL DIE BY THE SWORD" #GEJ_MY_HERO....!!!!

4 Apr 2015 02:06

Hi am new