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22 Mar 2014 20:21

In this new topic,i'll be dropping points on how to boost your power of self-discipline. Hold your phone very well and stop that side talking that you are doing in order to concentrate very well while reading through this small pieces. Ok! Here we go!
what is Discipline? It is defined as self-denial (i.e you deny yourself the easy pleasures,the temptations that lead so many people astray,and instead discipline yourself to do only those things that you know are right for the long term and appropriate for the moment.
What is self-discipline?self-discipline is self-mastery (i.e your ability to master your emotions,appetites,and inclinations. Anyone that lack the ability to master his or her appetites become weak and dissolute,as well as unreliable in other things as well). Self-discipline can also be defined as self-control (i.e your ability to control yourself and your actions,control what you say and do,and ensure that your behaviours are consistent with your long term goals and objectives is the mark of the superior person).
So, self-discipline requires delayed gratification,the ability to put off satisfaction in the short term in order to enjoy greater rewards in the long term. I hope you have learnt something as you just read this writes up. In my next post i'll talk on your two worst enemies of success.

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14 Apr 2014 20:37

Have you been a victim of not been disciplined in your dealings?

30 Apr 2014 18:13

Self-Discipline and Character
The development of character is the great business of life. Your ability to develop a reputation as a person of character and honor is the highest achievement of both social and business life. So be disciplined go your character

30 Jul 2014 07:15

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30 Jul 2014 07:16

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