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1 Apr 2015 18:15

While it's been said that the way to a man's heart is his stomach, there is also a 'way to a woman's heart'.

Most people assumed they know. Some say; love, money, attention, respect, etc. Though these things mean a lot to women, they can't 'fully' win their heart. Did I hear you say, "It's a lie"? Oh really? Then why is it that despite providing a woman with all the comfort she can think of by the man (talking of classic, well-to-do, etc) she still opts for a gateman (commoner)? Certainly, there's still something lacking in her life!

What could it be? What is it that has driven women out of their matrimonial homes into lovers houses? What is it that their husbands have not added to the already provided comforts? The answer is: GOOD SEX!

When I say "good sex", I mean satisfying a woman in bed. Yes, sex! A woman who does not cum during sex is unsatisfied. And as long as she has that emptiness inside of her, no matter what a man gives her, she will always look for that satisfaction elsewhere!

Yes, the way to a woman's heart is "GOOD SEX"! To the men, if your lovers have been cheating or leaving you, check your performance. Try giving her "Earth-shattering Orgasm", and watch her scream "I can never leave you!".

6 Apr 2015 15:56

Love and attention

6 Apr 2015 15:59

Pussy eating is also a good idea

6 Apr 2015 16:16

It's not just good sex my dr,,, caring n attention is very important

7 Apr 2015 02:17

@ALL, I never said "Good-sex" is all and all. Of course I also talked about love, care, attention, etc.

All I'm saying in essence is that, after providing a woman with all that makes a lasting relationship, she must be most importantly satisfied sexually. When sexual satisfaction is lacking in a woman's life, all other things comes to nothing to her. And sooner or later, she will definitely look elsewhere for satisfaction, which of course is the major problem in relationships.

An example is; Madam and Okon the gateman. Una know the rest na...

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