Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - LADIES CAN BE SO DIFFICULT!!!
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1 Apr 2015 14:08

Watching Football with ladies can be very stressful... Imagine this:

Lady : Austin, who's that guy. Is that Chris Brown?

Guy: Chris gini!!! No na, that's Theo Walcott!!

Lady: Hey! What's that yellow card for?

Guy: Its a warning to a player; and red means the player must stop playing and leave the pitch.

Lady: Ohhh! It's something similar to a traffic light: Yellow - warning, Red - Stop.

Guy: Yeah yeah sure.. U are right..!

Lady: What about the green card?

Guy: Ohhh! there's nothing like that in football.

Lady: Which teams are these?

Guy: Which kind wahala be this na!! God! It's Arsenal and Chelsea. What again!

Lady: Ok ok ok! What colour is Arsenal putting on?

Guy: You no get eyes, No be red jersey be that?

Lady: Ok..which team is putting on blue?

Guy: (upset)... Jezz! You no know say na Chelsea!

Lady: Enhe? Wow! I want Arsenal to win the world cup.

Guy: Weting concern Arsenal with world cup!!! Where are you from self?

Lady: Take am easy na! Please who's that old man?

Guy: Hmmm... That's Arsenal's coach, Arsene Wenger

Lady: Oooh Ok..... I understand now. Sooo that means the other coach is Chelsea Wenger?

Guy: Just forget it!!! (Changes Channel)

Happy new month people