Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - 4 Question You Must Ask Your Spouse Before Going On A Date With Him Or Her
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1 Apr 2015 11:27

So many people don't what they are expected to do before even going on a date with a guy/girl.

There are four questions below you need to ask the guy even before dating him;
1.What Are Your Short Term Goals.

You need to ask him what is short term goals are,that is what is expecting for maybe in the next 4-5years and if he is unable to tell you anything then my sister that not the right man for you.

2.What Are Your Long Term Goals.

Ask him what is his long term goals,that is what he is expecting in the next 10-15years if he is able to you sumtin that you know will be good for both of you then you can go with him but if he is unable to tell you anything my sister he just needs you for enjoyment.

3.What Do You Like In Me.

Ask him what he likes in you it maybe your eyes,hair,legs,boobs....
he needs to tel you something,what he likes in you and if he does not likes anything in you then my sister there is nothing attracting you to him xo he is not the man for you.

4.What Do You Like About Me.

You need to know what he likes about you,it maybe the way you talk,smile,your character....just xumtin and if he was able to tell you what he likes about you then you can go on with him but if he can't then he is not the right person for you my sister.

The guy can do the questioning but it is mainly for the girl to do it if she don't want to fall into a blind relationship that you don't know where it is leading you to and at the end you start shouting "he has break my heart" not knowing you were the cause of it.

2 Apr 2015 20:34