Nigerian forum: Literature - WEALTH & SHORT LIFE or POVERTY & LONG LIFE?
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29 Mar 2015 01:47

I am using this medium to thank all of you & l hope you will also do justice to this new topic.HERE WE GO: Eric & his wife Edna were married for ten years.They had a son who is 7 years old.Both of them are illiterates & as such Edna stays at home all day while Eric is a labourer who earns about N500 weekly.They could not afford a bed & so they sleep on a mat.They sometimes eat once a day sometimes no food at all.Their little son doesn't go to school.sympathizers sometimes give the family food,clothes & even pay their house rentage.The condition of the family is very pathetic.poverty is the order of the day.Edna is a paragon of beauty.Now a billionaire is promising to marry Edna & give her 50 billion naira,send her son to school & give the husband 20 billion naira to start life & forget about Edna.But the billionaire is now telling Edna that after they both married,he has only ten years more to live & Edna, 15 more years to live. If you were to be Edna would you go for riches & short life or poverty & long life? BOTH MALES & FEMALES ARE EXPECTED TO POST THEIR VIEWS HERE.

24 Apr 2015 00:07

If l were to be Edna l would choose to marry the rich man,so that my son and his father would have a bright future.After the rich man might have paid my former husband the money and put my son in school and also paid me,l will wait to see whether he will really die at the end of the ten years.If he dies then l will run to meet a powerful man of God to pray for me and cast away the death from me,then l will go back to my former husband,the father of my son.Since l wasn't the person who made the rich man to have ill-gotten wealth, l will be free by the grace of God and the whole thing will turn out as a means to rescue us from poverty.A blessing in disguise.After all,JESUS died for our sins so that we may have life. So this man also died for us to save us from our poverty.THANKS AGMS