Nigerian forum: Politics - BROOM VS UMBRELLA
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28 Mar 2015 11:14

100% of Nigerian homes have brooms. 20% of Nigerian homes owns umbrellas. The use of broom is daily while that of umbrella is seasonal. Nigerians cannot do without
brooms but umbrella usage is optional. Broom represent unity and togetherness since one broom cannot do the job well. Umbrella are made to be used by one person at a time. It protects only few no matter its size. One big broom can guaranteed a clean home. This Saturday is sanitation day, come out with your PVC broom. Together we can clean these
mess. # BroomRevolution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
# togethernigeria

14 Apr 2015 09:40

Kennyolons, you are still a local man,not 100% Nigerian are using broom, note.