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22 Mar 2014 00:26

A NEPA official walked into an eatery to rest while working in the area. It was a big eatery so everyone receives his bill written on a piece of paper. After a long rest he decides to leave.

NEPA OFFICIAL: Madam, I must be on my way now
MADAM: OK. You can pay your bill to the cashier there.
NEPA OFFICIAL: Sorry madam, but I didn't take anything.
MADAM: As you can see here, there's no light and yet we still pay our electricity bill.

27 Mar 2014 11:59

Na wetin fit dem.

27 Mar 2014 12:48

yes o

1 Apr 2014 21:16
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4 Apr 2014 22:12

Naso jawe

12 Oct 2016 22:54

Lolz Lolz Ha Madam Take Am Easy Oo