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26 Mar 2015 17:31

What is your opinion about the forthcoming election in Nigeria?some people are afraid they think crisis will come if Good luck win,what did you think?

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27 Mar 2015 10:50


27 Mar 2015 12:18

Let us pray crisis dnt come....bcos wen we hope to see crisis dats wen it wil come..let be positive nd focus.

27 Mar 2015 12:33

My Prayer 4 Nigeria Is That God In His Infinite Mercy Shld Give Us A Creditable Leader. Buari Or Jonathan, I Want The Best 4 Our Nation, God Bless U All & Nigeria As A Whole Ijmn

27 Mar 2015 13:11

pray is d key 2 evrything,my goons pls go and read matthew 6*25

27 Mar 2015 13:16

ok girl

27 Mar 2015 13:18

i think we should pray to God and not to be afraid

27 Mar 2015 15:33

I don't think there will be crisis bcos from the look of things everything thing is calm especially from my side. I pray that God intevene during and after the election cos we've had enough crisis already in this country especially in the north.

27 Mar 2015 15:54

People are afraid but no evil is permited. i declare in jesus name

27 Mar 2015 16:11

Prayer is d key notin like dt will hapu in jesus name can sumbody tapy Amen to cliam dis

27 Mar 2015 16:54

May the election be peaceful and may God give us righteous leaders.

27 Mar 2015 17:15

All we need is peace..Amen

27 Mar 2015 17:46

None of them should win....i should win the election...both of them are old...I am younger..LOL

27 Mar 2015 18:53

Well as 4 me I think eida ders goin to be crisis r not dahts is each $ evri1 of us decision! Dahts Y we all gaht to knw wur we r doin $ neva allow ani1 to decieve us! We youth r D d glory of dis great Nation..........may D lord continue to guide, protect $ save us all! Vote wisely..........

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27 Mar 2015 22:39

All we av 2 pray over is that we make d right choice of leader nt d wrong ones.... Good Bless Nigeria....#Team GEJ

27 Mar 2015 22:44

I pray for peaceful election

27 Mar 2015 22:58


27 Mar 2015 23:08

i pray dat der should be no crisis

28 Mar 2015 00:36

i pray for free and fair election and also for the right choice leader that will lead Nigeria aright.

28 Mar 2015 01:17

I pray for free,fear and credible wisely.God bless u,nd God bless nigeria.If u believed 4 the peaceful election type a calpital amen.