Nigerian forum: Politics - Chose ur winner
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25 Mar 2015 22:25

Between GMB vs GJM

26 Mar 2015 10:58

Who d cap fit let him wer it

26 Mar 2015 15:01

GMB is for the fools.
GEJ all the way

26 Mar 2015 15:23

Hmmm.. O u r d one dat is foolin urslf and intellectually blind...Dat u cant diffrenciate btw Good and Bad. Up GMB!

26 Mar 2015 16:57

i knw som pipu wil b fools...GMB, com on, com nd control nigria

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26 Mar 2015 17:54

Anybody wey mk chics between dt crimena ppls dit person na big fool n e go reme fool 4 ever

26 Mar 2015 19:13

Though they are birds of the same feather; but i will prefer Goodluck Jonathan to continue with his transformation agender; He can change and do well if advice, support, prayed for. If another person should come into power, such will like to create his own agenda thereby distabilizing all the works of his incubent.

26 Mar 2015 23:25

Stop living in a lala land, guy open ur eyes to rea lity...

27 Mar 2015 07:40

Wat u people shuld be doing is to be praying 4 a good leader and a free & fair election

27 Mar 2015 08:01


27 Mar 2015 09:55


30 Mar 2015 05:50

G.M.b all the way